A Conversation with A Cup of Tea

— …

“There you are..”

— I had tried to tell myself, “remember what happened the last time you choose to care..”

— Then again, here I am..

“I know, I should’ve told you to be more careful.. but… you was happy..”

— I’ve seen things I never thought could happen, happened anyway..

— Nothing surprise me no more..


— I just hate the idea of being forgotten..

— Silly me..

“I’ll be here for a while then.. just like the old times..”

— Just like the old times, hehe..

— Tell me friend, Am I a good man?

“One day someone will answer that for you..”

“I’m just a cup of tea, aren’t I?”

— Right, sorry.. I hope it will rain that day..

(Jakarta, 2018)


Senja di Kota Tua

Ku langkahkan kaki di jalan yang tenang, di balik arsitektur tua kota..
Menggembala kepenatan menuju ketentraman hati..
Cahaya senja mengintip di balik lubang-lubang tua, memandikanku dalam kemilau sore.. Continue reading “Senja di Kota Tua”