A Conversation with A Cup of Tea

— …
“There you are..”
— I had tried to tell myself, “remember what happened the last time you choose to care..”
— Then again, here I am..
“I know, I should’ve told you to be more careful.. but… you was happy..”
— I’ve seen things I never thought could happen, happened anyway..
— Nothing surprise me no more..
— I just hate the idea of being forgotten..
— Silly me..
“I’ll be here for a while then.. just like the old times..”
— Just like the old times, hehe..
— Tell me friend, Am I a good man?
“One day someone will answer that for you..”
“I’m just a cup of tea, aren’t I?”
— Right, sorry..
— I hope it will rain that day..

(Jakarta, 2018)